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Texas Social Security Disability Lawyer

There are two programs offered by the United States government that provide assistance to disabled workers.  Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). These programs assist workers who are no longer able to work due to a permanent physical or mental condition that prevents the person from working.

The safety net provided by these programs can be a godsend to people who have no other source of income, but it is complicated to obtain. Statistics show that persons who are represented have a better chance at getting approved than persons who are not represented.

Our attorneys have the experience in dealing with the federal agencies or courts to help you get the benefits you need. If you are disabled and unable to work, contact an attorney at Loncar Associates. For the conveniece of clients, we have 8 offices througthout the state. However, if your disability prevents you from visisting us, we will come to you.

When you submit an application for Social Security Disability benefits, there is a five step process in evaluating whether you are disabled. There are many factors that go into this five step review process. Some of the factors include:

  • Do you have a serious medical condition that is demonstrated by medical evidence?
  • Are you working now? If so, is the work you are doing considered Substantial Gainful Activity?
  • Do you have the ability to do other, less strenuous work?
  • If you have the ability to do less strenuous work, do you have skills that transfer based upon your education or work history?
  • If you can do less strenuous work, are there jobs that exist that will accommodate your limitations

Texas Social Security Legal Help


Many claimants have serious conditions that would get them approved, but do not have the evidence to properly document their claim. That’s where our firm can help.

The Social Security Administration denies many initial applications routinely. But applicants should not give up. There are opportunities to appeal an unfavorable decision, but you must act promptly. We represent claimants in all stages of the process.

If a serious physical or mental condition prevents you from working, we can help you document and prove your case. Getting approved can take months or years; during the process, we are your strong arm in difficult times. We make sure your medical records are accurate and current. We consult with medical experts and specialists to confirm your disability. We make sure that the Social Security Administration considers all your limitations–physical, emotional, and mental.

To learn how our law firm can help with an application for Social Security Disability benefits, contact one of our Texas offices in Dallas, Tyler, McAllen, El Paso, Wichita Falls, Beaumont, Houston, and Lubbock. Don’t delay–call a lawyer who can help.