Oilfield Injury Lawsuit

Oilfield Injury Lawyers

In the oilfield, you know why you are there.  What you get is a high paying job that might give your family a better life.  What happens when you are hurt in that job?  The Texas oilfield accident lawyers at Loncar & Associates will fight to protect your rights.  Oilfield accidents are tragic and often avoidable, but oilfield accident injuries linger on for years afterward.  Brian Loncar and the oilfield injury lawyers at Loncar & Associates will use their legal experience to get you the best recovery for you and your loved ones.

Oilfield Injury Specialists

Your oilfield accident attorneys at Loncar & Associates have the experience and proven track record to protect your rights, just like they have for the last 25 years.  The oilfield accident specialists at Loncar & Associates will make sure that you get every dollar you deserve.  Oil companies often take safety for granted while trying to make as much money as possible for themselves.  A strong Texas accident lawyer is what you need to protect your rights, and the oilfield accident lawyers at Loncar & Associates make sure you come first.

Midland Injury Lawyers

Texas is blessed with natural resources that have brought prosperity to many parts of the state. Midland is one of those areas.  Oilfield employment is up substantially, and so are the oilfield accidents.  Oilfield accident injuries are life changing events.  The Midland injury lawyers at Loncar & Associates make sure that oilfield accidents are not overlooked. Texas oilfield accidents usually affect the front line workers.  The Midland injury lawyers and Loncar & Associates fight only for the client and never receive any compensation unless the client does.

Odessa Injury Lawyers

Midland and Odessa hand in hand when talking about Texas oilfields.  They seem as old as Texas, just like the Odessa oilfield accidents.  When a loved one suffers an oilfield accident injury in Odessa, you need an experienced injury lawyer.  The oilfield accident lawyers at Loncar & Associates have spent the last 25 years fighting to keep the oil patch safe in Texas.  The Odessa injury attorneys at Brian Loncar & Associates make sure that you and your family get every dollar they deserve.