Injury Lawyers in El Paso Texas


Injury Lawyers in El PasoTX

Serious accidents call for serious injury lawyers in El Paso. At Loncar & Associates we are injury lawyers that fight the insurance company and win! In truck accidents, serious injuries often occur, and the insurance company gives no ground. Our truck accident lawyers in El PasoTexas are known across the state for big settlements and working fast. When accident injuries effect your ability to work, our El Paso injury lawyers step in to get you help fast.

Car Accident Injury Lawyers in El Paso

Car accidents in El Paso are often the result of semi truck traffic and unsafe driving. Distracted driving in El Paso has resulted in multiple fatal accidents in El PasoCounty over the last few years. Car accident injury lawyers in El Paso are often necessary to protect your legal rights to compensation. Lost wages in El Paso can be significant and result from car accidents in El Paso. Loncar & Associates can be your lost wages lawyer in El Paso and help you recover any money owed to you. Unpaid medical bills from a truck accident in El Paso can total thousands of dollars very quickly. And the injury lawyers at Loncar & Associates always give a free consultation and unless there is a recovery you don’t pay us anything. Our legal investigators in El PasoCounty investigate your car accident or truck accident claim and determine if you have a case in less than 24 hours.

Truck Accident Lawyers in El Paso

Your truck accident lawyer in El Paso must be chosen carefully and the accident lawyers at Loncar & Associates are ready to help you right now. Our experienced injury lawyers can assist with any type of case resulting in serious injury. We are also taking slip and fall cases in El Paso too. In addition to Social Security Disability cases, we are your injury lawyers in El Paso and have been for over 25 years. Injured in a car accident or truck accident in El Paso? Call in the Strong Arm.

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