Case Running

What is “case running?”

A lawyer can never contact a potential client to ask them to be their lawyer. The State Bar of Texas and the Texas Legislature has made this unsolicited contact illegal for many reasons.  One reason is that it is believed that an unscrupulous lawyer could take advantage of an injured person, especially during stressful times such as after an accident. Also, an attorney can not personally come to a client’s house to seek employment after a person has been hurt in a car wreck unless the client calls the lawyer first.  It is also illegal for a person to solicit or contact a person injured in a car wreck on behalf of a lawyer.  The clients should ask themselves three questions if they are contacted after their car accident.


  1. How did this person get my address or phone number?
  2. Why would a good doctor or lawyer have to call me to get my business?
  3. Does this lawyer have the experience necessary to handle my case?


Remember, you have the right to choose your own doctor or lawyer.


This message was brought to you by Leading Personal Injury Lawyer Brian Loncar “Then Strong Arm”