Personal Injury Lawyers In Texas

The law offices of Loncar & Associates have been serving the citizens of Texas since 1988. Texas personal injury attorney and civil litigation lawyer Brian Loncar began the firm’s prestigious practice in Dallas. Since then, the successful practice has opened up offices in Houston, Wichita Falls, Beaumont, McAllen, Tyler, El Paso,  Lubbock and Midland/Odessa Texas. These days, Brian and his associates serve and represent clients all over Texas and will travel to any city or town within the Lone Star state. Each year, Brian and Loncar & Associates represent over 7,000 clients. However, despite our presence in the state, we are still small town enough to provide the kind of personal attention each and every client deserves. Loncar & Associates is known for our professionalism as well as our want to connect to their clients on a personal level. In doing so, the attorneys of Loncar & Associates proudly maintain our human integrity and command respect in the Texas legal community. Personal injury is their expertise. Typical cases include:

Automobile, Motorcycle and truck Accidents

Construction site accidents

DWI incidents and accidents

Brain injury

Dog bites

Spinal cord injury

Social Security disabilities

Pedestrian injury

Product liabilities

Slip and fall injuries

Catastrophic injuries



Injuries sustained from immigration issues

Loncar & Associates doesn’t play games. Our civil litigation attorneys prepare each case for trial. Insurance companies and opposing attorneys know ahead of time that we mean business and we mean to go all the way with it. As a result, they’re more likely to propose an appropriate settlement to resolve the issue quickly. In the event that they don’t see the light, we are prepared to go to court. For your convenience and peace of mind, the majority of our legal services are provided on a contingency basis. With that benefit, you pay nothing unless we obtain compensation from the injuring party for your personal injuries or wrongful death of a loved one. If you or someone you know has sustained an injury or has questions about Loncar & Associates and our services, please contact us here.

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