Some wrecks require an army of Texas lawyers to find justice.

Call in The Strong Army and let us fight for you

A Message to the Clients of Loncar & Associates

(DALLAS, December 4, 2016) “Brian Loncar’s colleagues and employees are shocked and enormously saddened by these tragic events. We are remembering and honoring his passion, commitment to his clients and skillful representation of people who are in pain and need the firm’s assistance. You know his message as being ‘the strong arm’ for people who have been injured. Please know the team Brian built here is resolved to continue service to you that is reflective of Brian’s winning record, strength, expertise, wisdom as well as his deep sense of caring for his clients and people in need of help. We will continue to fight for you.” Editor’s note: This will be the only statement from Loncar & Associates tonight.

Each year, Brian Loncar & Associates represents over 7,000 clients all over Texas and will travel to any city or town within the Lone Star state.

Loncar & Associates doesn’t play games. Our civil litigation attorneys prepare each case for trial. Insurance companies and opposing attorneys know ahead of time that we mean business and we mean to go all the way with it.


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